Atlanta at Your Doorstep

Dive into the Vibrancy of City Life, Right from the Comfort of home


Urban Pulse, Serene Spaces

Location truly matters, and One 12 Courtland stands proudly at the epicenter of Atlanta’s dynamic heart.

Being a mere stroll from Georgia State University, our community ensures that you strike the perfect balance between timely academic commitments and the peace of off-campus living. The iconic sights of downtown Atlanta, including the renowned Sky View, beckon just around the corner, inviting weekend escapades or serene evening walks.

Our neighborhood pulsates with an eclectic mix of restaurants, ranging from the comforting flavors of Waffle House to the spicy zest of Moe’s Southwest Grill. Dive deep into the local scene with nearby shopping at Publix, Walgreens, and Peachtree Center, or indulge in a recreational spree at spots like Centennial Park or the GSU Recreation Center. And for those moments when you yearn for more? Attractions such as the Coca-Cola Factory, Georgia Aquarium, and Game-X ensure there’s always something exciting in store.

For Georgia State University students, choosing One 12 Courtland isn’t just about finding a place to stay; it’s about embedding yourself in an environment that nurtures your academic goals, bolsters personal development, and cherishes every step of your unique college journey.

Here at One 12 Courtland, you’re more than just a resident; you’re part of our community. With a team steeped in a rich history of student housing expertise, we’re perfectly attuned to the unique rhythms, challenges, and dreams of university life. Lean on us, and we’ll ensure your college experience surpasses every expectation.


Embrace the Atlanta Experience

At One 12 Courtland, harmonize the thrill of city life with the serenity of a personal retreat. Kickstart your day with a freshly brewed coffee in hand, or immerse yourself in the myriad of urban adventures that await just steps away.

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One 12 Courtland: Atlanta's Student Hub

Situated amid historical echoes and contemporary flair, student life at One 12 Courtland in Atlanta is the epitome of urban excitement. Whether you’re navigating the city’s renowned attractions or brainstorming groundbreaking ideas in a local café, Atlanta is your canvas.

Campus & Community Life

Vibrant Vibes & Bustling Culture

Dive into the heartbeat of Atlanta, where academia meets the city’s rich tapestry of cultural experiences, creating a backdrop of dynamic energy and diversity for students at One 12 Courtland.

Campus & City Pulse
Plunge into Atlanta’s core, where academic endeavors blend seamlessly with a mosaic of rich cultural escapades, ensuring every student’s experience is both illuminating and invigorating.

Dynamic Campus Ambiance
Positioned at the heart of the city and a stone’s throw from Georgia State University, One 12 Courtland offers students a perfect balance of scholastic rigor and recreational avenues. With attractions like Centennial Park and the downtown buzz, there are endless avenues for study, leisure, and pleasure.

Panther Pride Everywhere
Blue and white hues signify the city’s collegiate allegiance, reflecting a robust university spirit. From sports events to local businesses offering student benefits, Panther pride resonates throughout.

Cultural Mélange
Atlanta is renowned for its multifaceted cultural panorama. With a student body drawn from across the globe, the city pulsates with art exhibitions, international gastronomy feasts, and diverse festivals.

Music and Celebrations
The city’s thriving music scene is legendary. Regular live performances in local venues and prominent annual festivals underscore Atlanta’s musical heartbeat.

Enterprising Zeal
With a booming business environment, complemented by GSU alumni-led ventures, students find a plethora of internships and job prospects.


Lifestyle & Cultural Life

Beyond the confines of classrooms, One 12 Courtland offers a gateway to Atlanta’s urban adventures and attractions, inviting students to discover a world brimming with possibilities.

City Living & Community Spirit
Strategically positioned in the heart of Georgia, One 12 Courtland perfectly juxtaposes natural retreats with urban thrills, all housed within a supportive community that recognizes and rejoices in its members.

Nature’s Palette Meets City Charm
Bridging the vibrancy of downtown Atlanta with serene spots like Woodruff Park, students enjoy a multifaceted urban experience.

Adventure’s Call
With a city teeming with attractions, from the iconic Coca-Cola Factory to the mesmerizing Georgia Aquarium, the promise of discovery is ever-present.

Chic Yet Economical
Atlanta skillfully combines the allure of a metropolitan city with affordable living. From trendy boutiques to intimate coffee spots, students can savor a stylish life without stretching their budgets.

Unified Community
The camaraderie between One 12 Courtland’s residents and the broader Atlanta community ensures that students are not merely chasing academic goals but becoming integral parts of a family that values and elevates each member.


Unmatched Student Living

Embark on a unique living experience at One 12 Courtland, where we don’t just offer you a place to stay but craft an unparalleled lifestyle tailored to the modern student. Our amenities are curated to perfection, ensuring each facet of your life is enveloped in luxury, convenience, and a sense of community. Discover the exceptional features that set us apart and immerse yourself in the refined comfort of One 12 Courtland.

🏛 Immerse in Elegance at our Exclusive Clubhouse.
🌆 Embrace the Skyline from our Rooftop Pool.
🏋️ Transform Your Fitness in our Large 24/7 Gym.
📚 Pursue Academic Excellence in Private or Group Study Areas.
🚗 Park with Peace of Mind in our On-Site Parking Garage
🛍 Convenience at Your Doorstep with On-Site Retail.
🍃 Socialize in Style in our Outdoor Lounge.
🖥 Work Seamlessly in our Business Lounge.
🎉 Enjoy Community Spirit at Weekly Resident Events.