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We all dread our ‘Cleaning Days’, but what if there were ways to make these tasks so much simpler to complete? Read below for 5 quick and easy tips on knocking out your most tedious tasks!

1. Sneakers looking a little lackluster? Give them a quick brush with some everyday toothpaste to get them shining like new!

2. Cutting board looking a little “used?” Run a wedge of cut lemon slices on the cutting side of the board to get rid of some of stains and smells. The cut board will be left looking fresh and so clean!

3. Do your clothes have a few greasy stains on them? If so, no big deal, take some dish detergent and warm water right to the stain to fight even the toughest of grease stains! The dish soap is gentle enough to not damage your clothing.

4. Sponges collect SO MUCH BACTERIA! No worries though, give it good rinse with soap and wring out the remaining water. Afterwards, you will need to zap it in the microwave for no more than 1 minute and your sponge will be fully disinfected! 

5. One thing many people over look is their shower liner, which can collect mold and mildew over time. Take it down and throw it in the wash with some towels. If you are able, Bleach will help clean it thoroughly leaving it looking brand new!

5 simple tips which should leave your apartment that much cleaner! Keep an eye out, we’ll be back soon with more!